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is this thing on?

forgot all about this.
haven't had anything meaningful to say in ages
still dont really
but may as well stop in and delete all this freaking spam i got.

gracias esposa

my wife hand wrote and mailed to me a beautiful poem
this is my way of telling her thank you! (better late than never...)
i love you vieja!


the morning sun was soft and warm
as it shone upon my face
thoughts of your midnight charms
a little touch of heaven's grace

your love is like a summer rain
dancing amongst the trees
washing away the bitter cold pain
setting my spirit free

as gentle as a morning dove
a soul mate true and sure
i pledge my heart to thee my love
now and forever more...

te amo

winter rant

the cold..
oh the cold
dear old man winter
you are pissing me off
you tease me with days of warmth
and then freeze me to the bone
oh the pain of the cold
my fingers hurt
my toes are frozen
im shivering and holding on..
to thoughts of warm sunshine
radiating rays of life
warming my core
but still i shake
its still february
its almost spring..
its almost spring..
its almost spring...
oh glorious sun, come back and give us life
remove the blanket of cold death..
enveloping the land
the land and its people yearn to breathe
not see their breath freeze in mid air

get well soon

I nurture you in sickness and in health
i cherish you in moments of life and death
i vow to you that i am your in time of need
with thoughts and words your soul is mine to feed

i love you honey i hope you feel better soon


I love this:

"Our music is formed from the marrow of creative intercourse. Art for art's sake. Indeed. And just as Artaud taught: our music is a protest against the senseless constraints that reduce "culture" into an inconceivable Pantheon of humdrum, ineffectual lesser gods and puppets of sterility & puritanism. In antiquity, the Theatre was created as an outlet for all of life's repressions and to proclaim to one and all that life's intensity is still intact. Just as light is born from the burning flame, we must fight for the glow. But we warn you, this music, our message, and these lessons are not for every soul. Some will be devoured. Others reborn. Remember, do not slide into bed with the Devil unless you intend to fuck."
-- Otep Shamaya

for your love..

to my beautiful, sexy, intelligent sassy wife
happy one month anniversary veija!!
i love you

ive had this song stuck in my head all day
its old school
i used to be a huge Yardbirds fan growing up
i've always loved this song.
it says it all ;)

The Yardbirds
For your love

For your love.
For your love.
For your love.
I'd give you everything and more, and that's for sure.
For your love.
I'd bring you diamond rings and things right to your door.
For your love.

To thrill you with delight,
I'll give you diamonds bright.
There'll be things that will excite,
To make you dream of me at night.

For your love.
For your love.
For your love.

For your love, for your love,
I would give the stars above.
For your love, for your love,
I would give you all I could.

For your love.
For your love.
For your love.
I'd give the moon if it were mine to give.
For your love.
I'd give the stars and the sun 'fore I live.
For your love.

To thrill you with delight,
I'll give you diamonds bright.
There'll be things that will excite,
To make you dream of me at night.

For your love.
For your love.
For your love.
For your love.

Feb. 2nd, 2009

I stand outside and look to the south
i listen to the silence of the snow
the subtle sound in the air of a hiss
i close my eyes and i can feel the softness of your kiss

my heart is 517 miles of beats apart
it beats, pushing my blood..
a reminder of living
it beats, for my love
i miss my love, i need you close
i miss my heart, i want you here
i love my wife, she is my soul.

Jan. 29th, 2009

I think the couple that cloned their dog are idiots.
how shameful.
i know you loved your pet..
but seriously... its not going to be the exact same dog.
personality/mentality wise..

why not rescue a dog, or adopt a new puppy..
there are more than enough dogs that need loving homes to go around.

this is just another example of rich people that have nothing better to do with their money.

i just cloned a fart..
I am the equivalent
of a fudge sickle
but replace the fudge with phlegm..

it was minus 2 degrees last night.
the roads are ice
my fingers were frozen gripping the steering wheel.

i feel like death and i dont feel any better today..
than i felt on friday when i got sick
im medicated so hopefully ill feel better soon.

i dearly miss my wife, to be so far away is like...
i lost my soul.
i feel incomplete and lost without you love.
i haven't felt like myself since you left my side.
i don't feel right, i miss you so much.
talking to you on the phone is.. i hate to say this..
painful because im not talking to you face to face.
i know its all we have at the moment, but its hard knowing you are there..
and i am here, waiting. losing patience and getting just as frustrated as you.
i just wish you were here so i could look into your eyes
and give you a kiss.
it hurts my heart and soul to be away from you for so long.
it makes me feel broken.
you complete me.
I am the happiest man alive
i just wish you were here
i married my best friend!
spending my time with you means so much
i just wish you were here

i loved every second of our time together
when you arrived in a foot of snow
meeting my whole family
nursing you back to health
watching movies
making love
making dinner
playing with the kids
goofing off
telling bad jokes
having you in my arms
getting married!
come home to me soon love
come home to me soon..
i can't stand to be away from you