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I am the equivalent
of a fudge sickle
but replace the fudge with phlegm..

it was minus 2 degrees last night.
the roads are ice
my fingers were frozen gripping the steering wheel.

i feel like death and i dont feel any better today..
than i felt on friday when i got sick
im medicated so hopefully ill feel better soon.

i dearly miss my wife, to be so far away is like...
i lost my soul.
i feel incomplete and lost without you love.
i haven't felt like myself since you left my side.
i don't feel right, i miss you so much.
talking to you on the phone is.. i hate to say this..
painful because im not talking to you face to face.
i know its all we have at the moment, but its hard knowing you are there..
and i am here, waiting. losing patience and getting just as frustrated as you.
i just wish you were here so i could look into your eyes
and give you a kiss.
it hurts my heart and soul to be away from you for so long.
it makes me feel broken.
you complete me.

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